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Hi everyone out there. This is my kewl homepage and I have some really kewl
things that are far out in happenin ways. Let me know if you like my site and
I'll talk to you laterz.

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Tori Lyrics and Stuff Some of Tori's lyrics from her most recent CD and some things to know about her.
Things About Me! Anything you wanted to know about me.
Powerpuff Girls Everything and anything about the Powerpuff Girls
Blossom Shrine Some stuff about Blossom
Bubbles Shrine Some things you might want to know about Bubbles.
Buttercup Shrine!! Things you might want to know about Buttercup
Beanie Babies List/Wants This lists all of my Beanie Babies and the ones I want.
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If you want to contact to me.....email me at: fyrepyxie13@gurlmail.com

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