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Hey how ya doin? My name is Marissa Goldstein and Im 16 years old i got to
Piper High School. I work at Mail Boxes Etc... Im in Tv Production which is
pretty cool I met some of my really good friends there.(Hey guys how ya doin?)I
have a 19year old brother in college(Ringling School of Art and Design).I have
a dog named luckey hes sooo cute. Then I got my friends but ill tell you bou
t them in my friends portion well im gonna shut up now and let u go on to other
parts of my awesome page. BYE!!!

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Awesome Subpages MY friends,hobbie and stuff.......
THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD (not to mention the hottest) 'NSYNC
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Naomi Nami Nam =o)

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